1-1/2 in. IPS Poly DR 11 to 1-1/2 in. MIP Underground Meter Riser Bent

Thanks for viewing our website to learn more about HOME-FLEX® Underground Gas Products.

HOME-FLEX® Underground
HOME-FLEX® (a division of Valencia Pipe Company / VPC Global) has been producing superior underground gas pipe products since 2007.  All our D2513 yellow poly gas pipe is manufactured to very strict tolerances at our Kingman, Arizona extrusion facility.  Our main distribution center is in Valencia, California. 
Here are some important facts you should know as you consider your purchase of HOME-FLEX® Underground Products:

  • This medium density polyethylene (MDPE) pipe is for outdoor / underground use only.
    • For in-home use, consider our CSST product line.
    • HOME-FLEX® Underground pipe and fittings are NOT interchangeable with HOME-FLEX® CSST products.
  • It is for Natural Gas and Propane installations.
  • Per NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code (National Fire Protection Association) “Plastic piping shall be installed outdoors, underground only.”
  • It is not for above ground use. 
    • All pipe and fittings should be at or below local code-mandated burial levels. 
    • Only risers should come to the surface.
  • HOME-FLEX® Underground compression fittings are easy to use and our fittings can be loosened and repositioned / reused if necessary.
  • It should never be encased in concrete.
  • All installations should be done in accordance with local codes.

Please see the HOME-FLEX® Underground FAQs at homeflex.com/resources for additional information.
Product information and/or installation advice is available from our Technical Services Department Monday-Friday 8a – 5p (Pacific time).  (661) 257-3923 x1010 (Jon, Technical Services Director) or x1026 (Dave, Product Specialist).  Or email us any time at info@homeflex.com.

1-1/2 in. IPS Poly DR 11 to 1-1/2 in. MIP Underground Meter Riser Bent