Yes, however it must be sleeved in a non-metallic conduit ½” larger than the pipe. The underground section must not contain a fitting.

HOME-FLEX CSST has been tested and certified by CSA and IAPMO for compliance with the industry standard ANSI LC-1 / CSA 6.26, “Fuel Gas Piping Systems using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST).”

Home-Flex® CSST and Underground products meet all necessary requirements, but check your local codes prior to purchase and installation.

80% lighter, 70% faster (no cutting and threading of pipe) 50% labor saving.

If it is a fixed appliance, yes. If not, we recommend terminating the HOME-FLEX pipe and attaching a gas connector.

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Yes, HOME-FLEX (previously name alpha-flex) will only work with HOME-FLEX, or alpha-flex, tubing and fittings.

Thoroughly read the Home-Flex® Underground and CSST Design & Installation Manuals available in the “Resource” section of this website. Then use the “get certified” button on the site to answer a few basic questions. You will be emailed a pdf version of your certification card for use with inspectors if required.

No, but you do need to be certified to install Home-Flex CSST.

According to NFPA 54 Section 7.13, all gas systems must be electrically bonded.

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No, we’re a distributor only and are not set up for direct consumer purchases