HOME-FLEX CSST saves you time and money with easy and flexible installations or additions.

More and more contractors and plumbers are using yellow HOME-FLEX CSST in and around construction sites these days. Not only because it’s safe and easy to use, but because it’s readily available at DIY home improvement and construction warehouse locations. It is also available at select plumbing and HVAC wholesale houses across the country.

CSST was developed in Japan in the 1980s as a safety improvement over rigid black iron gas pipes that often failed and started fires during earthquakes.The flexible nature of the CSST system allows it to handle seismic activity without leaking gas. Sales of CSST in the U.S. began in 1990 with approximately 100,000 ft. More than 800 million feet of CSST gas piping in approximately six million homes has been installed in the U.S. since 1990.

The main attraction to CSST is that it’s flexible and relatively easy to install when compared to standard gas piping. HOME-FLEX fittings are the easiest to assemble in the industry, no complicated series of discs, gaskets and o-rings; just a brass retainer ring and a single non-metallic gasket. It’s no wonder it has become such a popular product. So much so, the next time you swing by a construction site, chances are, you’ll be seeing HOME-FLEX yellow.

HOME-FLEX CSST is as safe as it is reliable.

HOME-FLEX scrupulously follows industry guidelines in manufacturing cost-effective HOME-FLEX CSST that addresses the safety concerns outlined by the gas piping industry. HOME-FLEX meets every applicable code and standard – it delivers the highest quality without the higher cost. With HOME-FLEX, you get a safe,  reliable system manufactured to the most stringent standards.

Installation of HOME-FLEX must be performed in strict accordance with local plumbing and/or building codes as well as with the HOME-FLEX System Design and Installation Manual by a qualified installer who is recognized as being qualified to install gas piping by local, state, federal, or other governmental agencies. A HOME-FLEX Qualified Installer card may be required by building inspectors and can be acquired on the Complete Certification page, or on the back cover of the HOME-FLEX System Design and Installation Manual.

Like many of the home’s systems, CSST must be grounded or bonded. Download Guidelines here.

HOME-FLEX CSST is not only easy to install, it's easy to find.

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    HOME-FLEX CSST Frequently Asked Questions.

    Can it be buried?

    Yes, however it must be sleeved in a non-metallic conduit ½” larger than the pipe. The underground section must not contain a fitting.

    Is the pipe certified?

    HOME-FLEX CSST has been tested and certified by CSA and IAPMO for compliance with the industry standard ANSI LC-1 / CSA 6.26, “Fuel Gas Piping Systems using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST).”

    Is HOME-FLEX available for use in my area?

    HOME-FLEX meets all necessary requirements, but check with your local inspector first.

    Why CSST over black pipe?

    80% lighter, 70% faster (no cutting and threading of pipe) 50% labor saving.

    Do I need to use HOME-FLEX fitting with HOME-FLEX pipe?

    Yes, HOME-FLEX (previously name alpha-flex) will only work with HOME-FLEX, or alpha-flex, tubing and fittings.

    How do I get certified?

    Thoroughly read the installation manual and either go to the complete certification page, or mail in the card.

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    Do I need to be certified to buy?

    No, but you do need to be certified to install Home-Flex CSST.

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